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Trixie (trapped in Metatokyo AGAIN)

what does it take to get a drink in this place?...

31 March
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Uh, yeah, hi. Name's Trixie, and who and what I am is pretty hard to explain...let's just say that I'm a girl who likes living in the hollows of life, in the weird little still places. I live, and I love, and I ride. And I pop up in the most unusual situations. It's nothing I've ever been able to understand, myself.

I tend not to stay in one place for long; I usually live on the road, travelling from town to town via motorcycle. Right now I'm sort of trapped in one place--Metatokyo--but I don't plan on staying here forever. Once I figure out where home is, I hope to go there someday.

I have a bad side, and you don't want to get on it--'cos once my eyes go glassy, it's time to pray. But then again, you have to work pretty hard to get there in the first place, so as long as you aren't a complete assbutt, we should get along just fine.

I'll be your best friend if you let me. But you would have to be able to stand me first, and not everybody can. I'm learning to live with that.

I like cartoons, breakfast cereals, motorcycles, bad boys, sweet girls, and big guns. I am not adverse to sex first thing in the morning or going for a week without shaving the "lady areas," but I'm not a crusty slob, either. I like the rock and roll music. I have an honest-to-god magic sword. I am the reigning Dig-Dug champion of any given state and will take on all challengers. I'm not in the habit of wearing underwear, but I find I don't usually need it. I have killed several people (some of whom deserved it, some of whom I was instructed to kill while under the control of a powerful mage) but am not currently wanted by any police or governmental agency (as far as I know, I haven't been in a post office in a while). There are lots of people in my world that want me dead, though. I can handle them. I have also killed demons, zombies, evil vending machines, a snake that once tried to crawl in my bedroll to make freakness with me, and a metric fuckton of icky Suyakkui spider-things.

I have one tattoo. A BIG one. I have no piercings. My luscious glory is a natural magenta, and yes, the drapes *do* match the carpet; thanks ever so much for asking. My shortness is a symptom of my magical nature--that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Make fun of the runt and she'll lop off your kneecaps. If you have them. Some people are born without kneecaps. I didn't know if you knew that.

Oh, and I can turn into a fox when I really want to. It's a nifty trick, I must admit.

If you *really* want to learn more about me, you can click here to read my Isawa-Shoten personnel file. I don't know why you would, though. It's all lies.

((WRITER'S NOTE--Trixie is a character in the ongoing Metatokyo RPG on the Blizzardskies Arena message boards.))